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Palm Grove

Palm Grove

It is easy to feel that you have stepped back in time when you explore Pine Island and notice that it supports abundant agriculture.  On what other island on the Southwest Gulf Coast can you find acres of private undeveloped land?  Part of the beauty of this island is seeing the many fields of lush green vegetation as you bike, drive or hike along our roads and pathways.

Our warm and humid climate (agriculture zone 10a) makes fertile growing grounds for palms that are difficult to raise even as close at the east side of Highway 75!.  We are known for our vast palm groves of many varieties, as well as Mangos, Papaya, Lychee, Longan, many varieties of Citrus and more. It is not unusual to see cows, horses and even goats grazing as you drive along Stringfellow Road.  We also have water crops such as Hard Clam, shrimp and other fish farms.

Be sure to stop at one of our many fresh fruit, vegetable and fish markets to taste for yourself the delicious crops of Pine Island.